How does Estroven Affect the Health of Menopausal Women?

The climax is a difficult period in the life of every woman. At this moment,

The climax is a difficult period in the life of every woman. At this moment, her body is rebuilt in a new way – the female hormone progesterone is produced in minimal quantities, the so-called period of “hot flashes” begins. All this significantly affects the comfort of a woman and the quality of her life. To facilitate health during this phase and to correct some manifestations with menopause, gynecologists recommend paying attention to the bioactive additive – Estroven.


What Is Estroven?

One of the common symptoms and consequences of menopause is overweight. To effectively deal with this problem, experts recommend using Estroven. This supplement has for many years been trusted by numerous women who use it to solve the problem with excess pounds.

However, Estroven weight management must be combined with cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, fasting days, healthy proper nutrition, as well as feasible physical activity. You should not expect a “magic effect” a couple of days after the start of therapy. This is a lengthy process.


What Does The Remedy Consist of? Estroven Ingredients

To create a truly effective additive to alleviate the manifestations of menopause, experts have conducted quite a few studies. One of the most reliable and effective plants that have been helping women in the menopause for many years is the black cohosh and soy isoflavones. It was they who were included by the creators of Estroven weight management as part of the means.

These two key components assist females in suppressing the phenomena of hot flashes and unreasonable sweating at night. The key to weight control is Estroven‘s third ingredient, which name is Synetrim CQ. This extract is isolated from a quadrangular cissus plant. It helps the body of a menopausal woman to increase serotonin levels in the brain and thus affect the process of controlling body weight.


How to Take Estroven?

The manufacturer’s website indicates that the recommended dosage of Estroven is 1 capsule per day. They claim that the drug does not have to be taken after meals, it can be done at any time convenient for the woman.

The full package of Estroven contains 60 capsules, which is enough for the recommended minimum of two months of therapy.


Estroven Side Effects

Bioactive menopause supplement Estroven is completely natural. It does not contain hormones of either animal or human origin. Also, it does not contain dyes, harmful additives, gluten, and lactose. The overwhelming majority of Estroven reviews are positive and patients who have undergone therapy with this additive do not report any manifestations of side effects.

But, there is always a percentage of people whom the remedy did not fit and they felt the negative consequences after taking it. In the few cases where Estroven side effects have occurred, the following symptoms have been reported:


  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • malaise.

Very often, side effects occur in cases where the patient has not observed the dosage of the drug.


Estroven weight management supplement has proven itself in the modern pharmaceutical market. Numerous Estroven reviews prove that the drug is effective and is popular with menopausal women.