Find out the gender of your unborn child with the Peekaboo gender test

Have you recently found out you are pregnant and are you eager to know if

Have you recently found out you are pregnant and are you eager to know if it is a boy or a girl? Using the Peekaboo gender test is the perfect way to help you find out. Being told what gender your baby is might be one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy right? You can already see yourself in the shops, picking out new wallpaper, choosing the right colours and testing the bed linen by taking power naps in cribs. Order a gender test online and benefit from quick delivery, great prices and a 99% accuracy rate!

Clothing and toys

Nowadays, little boys wear pink and little girls play with firetrucks. Gender is over! But it might not be as simple for you, as a new parent. This is your child and you want to enjoy your baby as much as you can before they go off to college. Knowing the gender of your baby can help you plan and dream about being a mommy or a daddy even more. Fathers might dream about playing football with their sons, mothers see themselves braiding hair and painting fingernails. The gender test will help you paint the picture. In any colour you prefer. What clothing will you buy for your soon-to-be-born kid? Something with superheroes on it, or a unicorn riding a fairy? And what about toys? The Peekaboo gender test will help you decide.

PCR technology for a quick answer

Using cutting-edge, quantitative PCR technology and the most advanced DNA extraction technology available, the gender test can reveal if you are having a boy or a girl as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy. Why not take the stress out of the shopping trips, deciding what colour to paint the nursery or knowing whether to buy the baby’s first outfit in pink or blue by being prepared from the earliest possible stage in your pregnancy. Imagine knowing the gender of your baby and being able to pick a beautiful name for your new little bundle of joy at just 7 weeks into your pregnancy. Doesn’t that sound great?

Benefit from quick results

You will have your gender test results back in just 2 business days – once your sample has been received by the lab. It is such an easy process with to find out the gender of your baby. With the peekaboo gender test all you have to do is purchase your at home kit. If you are planning a gender reveal party during your pregnancy then why not get planning straight away or even get your results emailed to a friend or family member so it is still a surprise reveal for you on the big day of your reveal party.