Dentist Who Removed Tooth While on a Hoverboard Sentenced to 12 Years Behind Bars

A dentist in Alaska has been sentenced to more than a decade behind bars after he was found guilty of operating on a patient while on a hoverboard.

a young man sitting at a desk: Today Seth Lookhart

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Today Seth Lookhart

Seth Lookhart, 35, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Monday, nine months after he was convicted of dozens of charges that included Medicaid fraud, reckless endangerment and unlawful dental acts, Anchorage Daily News reported.

Additionally, Lookhart will not be allowed to practice medicine during his 10-year probation following his eventual release from prison.

During the sentencing, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton said that Lookhart’s actions including sedating patients for exteded periods of time “darn near killed some people,” the outlet reported.

Lookhart will begin serving his sentence on December 7, the Fairfield Citizen reported.

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“While I do

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What to know about your next visit to the dentist

Going to the dentist during the pandemic is going to be different, so here’s what to expect.

TAMPA, Fla — Health officials are advising people not to ignore their normal health checkups during the pandemic, and that includes dental appointments. 

Dr. Christopher Bulnes, a practicing Florida Dental Association member in South Tampa, told us what you can expect at your next dental visit.

Dr. Bulnes says you’re probably not going to see waiting rooms where people are gathering, instead, you might be asked to call, or text a number to say you’ve arrived for your appointment. The state dental association also says waiting rooms won’t have magazines or other communal items.

Patients may be screened for signs and symptoms of the coronavirus before their appointment, and again when they get to the office. Once there, you might also be asked to wash or sanitize your hands. Dental staff may be

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Garmin introduces pocket-friendly fitness watch

a person in a blue shirt: Actor Alif Satar as Garmin Venu sq ambassador.

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Actor Alif Satar as Garmin Venu sq ambassador.

GARMIN has introduced the Venu Sq, its latest health monitoring smartwatch, featuring over 20 built-in sports apps and GPS.

The watch, which comes in two version in non-music and music editions.

The Venu Sq combines Garmin’s health monitoring and fitness features with daily style and music. The Music edition offers music playback features such as on-device music storage and Spotify compatibility.

According to Garmin, the watch’s battery can last up to 6 days in smartwatch mode, and up to 14 hours in GPS mode.

It features a 1.3-inch rectangular Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen display with a lightweight aluminum bezel and a comfortable silicone band.

Among its many fitness functions include pilates, yoga, strength training, running, pool swimming, cycling and golf.

Besides that, the watch also offers heart rate monitoring, sleep with Pulse Ox2, respiration tracking, abnormal

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We must not use fitness and injury concerns as an excuse

a group of football players on a field: MailOnline logo

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MailOnline logo

Manchester City cannot use injuries and fitness problems as an excuse at a relentless Leeds United on Saturday, according to Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola is still smarting at the manner of last weekend’s galling 5-2 home defeat by Leicester City and can ill-afford another slip up at Elland Road.

The start of their season has been hampered by muscle fatigue leading to injuries and players in the ‘red zone’ deemed not fit enough to take part in matches.

a group of men standing next to Pep Guardiola: Pep Guardiola will be desperate to bounce back after their 5-2 humiliation against Leicester

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Pep Guardiola will be desperate to bounce back after their 5-2 humiliation against Leicester

a group of football players on a field: Jamie Vardy bagged a hat-trick at the Etihad last weekend in the rout of Manchester City

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Jamie Vardy bagged a hat-trick at the Etihad last weekend in the rout of Manchester City

‘I know we are still a little bit away from our best, for many reasons,’ Guardiola said. ‘We lost against Leicester not because of the lack

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Gym members demand refunds after Fitness World rebrands, reopens some Steve Nash clubs

a couple of people posing for the camera: Charlotte D'Alessandro and her son Cortez D'Alessandro are among several Fitness World members demanding refunds after their contracts changed.

© Christian Amundson/CBC
Charlotte D’Alessandro and her son Cortez D’Alessandro are among several Fitness World members demanding refunds after their contracts changed.

Frustrated fitness buffs are taking their gym to the mat, arguing B.C.-based Fitness World owes them a refund after their contracts were reassigned to new locations.

“They didn’t let us choose to stay with them,” said Fitness World member Cortez D’Alessandro, 20. “They just told us what’s happening.”

In March, the company — formerly known as Steve Nash Fitness World — shuttered all 24 of its locations, and terminated its staff, citing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Insolvency proceedings followed until June when Chris Smith, the CEO of both the new and old companies, worked with a group of investors to purchase the hard-hit fitness brand. Its new name is a throwback to the Fitness World chain of gyms that the Steve Nash organization purchased

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Hoverboard dentist is jailed for 12 years for Medicaid fraud

An Alaska dentist who pulled out a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard has been jailed for 12 years for reckless endangerment and a $1.9million Medicaid fraud. 

Seth Lookhart joked about the hoverboard stunt in a video he sent to friends, and messages showed him bragging that nobody would ever uncover his crimes. 

But he was was convicted in January of a ‘lucrative’ fraud scheme in which he pressured his patients to undergo unnecessary sedations so that he could send Medicaid the bill. 

‘In reviewing all this over and over again, I have this visceral response – you darn near killed some people,’ Alaska judge Michael Wolverton told him on Monday, according to the Anchorage Daily News. 

Dentist Seth Lookhart was filmed removing a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard at Clear Creek Dental, in Anchorage, Alaska in July 2016 

In the hoverboard video, Lookhart balanced on the board while

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Why Apple Focuses On Health And Fitness

In 2009, I discussed with an Apple exec who shared with me the impact Steve Jobs’ health crisis had on the Apple execs and many of its employees. 

As we now know, in 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease that eventually claimed his life in 2011. Apple’s execs and other employees close to Jobs watched in dismay as they saw their beloved leader suffering through this medical crisis. Those who knew him well were deeply moved by what they saw as they sat by helplessly as his health declined.

In early 2010, Apple’s top execs made an important decision about Apple’s future. Although they were working feverishly to get the iPad to market by Q4 of that year, they started looking hard at ways that Apple could use their

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How to safely go to the dentist during the pandemic

My tongue first detected the problem when it caught a sharp edge on my teeth: A hefty hunk of my back right molar was missing. I’m not sure how it happened, but it meant that after months of avoiding any sort of physical closeness with other people, I needed to brave the dentist’s chair.

With the pandemic raging across the United States, the office I entered in Alexandria, Virginia, looked very different from the one I had visited months before. Two cups of pens sat on the receptionist’s desk, one for “clean” writing utensils and the other for those recently used. A plexiglass partition divided me from the rest of the office behind, and everyone—myself included—donned a mask.

Dental work is a uniquely risky environment for spreading SARS-CoV-2, since medical practitioners work face-to-face with open-mouthed patients for extended periods of time. “We, unfortunately, work in a danger zone,” says Mark

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Why Planet Fitness Stock Is a Better Investment Than Peloton Stock

Like so many other industries, gyms across the nation were shut down due to COVID-19. Companies offering at-home fitness solutions — like Peloton (NASDAQ:PTON) — should continue to thrive in this environment thanks to featuring products that enable both fitness and social distancing.

When thinking longer term, however, Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) — a traditional brick-and-mortar gym chain — is the best way to invest in the space. Here’s why.

A woman working out.

Image source: Getty Images.

Better investment in a post-COVID world

Planet Fitness offers shareholders better value. The company trades hands at a trailing price to sales multiple of 8.9. Planet Fitness sales will shrink this year before rebounding in 2021. To compare, Peloton exchanges hands for a trailing price to sales multiple of 16.4. This is even after the stock pulled back 15% off of all-time highs this month. Planet Fitness’s forward earnings multiple of 34 also matches up favorably to

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Dentist jailed after extracting tooth while on hoverboard

An American dentist who extracted a tooth from a sedated patient while balancing on a hoverboard has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for crimes including illegal dentistry, fraud and reckless endangerment.

Seth Lookhart, 35, sent phone footage to friends that showed him taking a patient’s tooth out while standing on the two-wheeled hoverboard before riding away as he stripped off his gloves and held his hands up in triumph.

The Alaska State Department of Law said that Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton stressed that the hoverboard incident was not the most serious aspect of the case.

“Lookhart almost killed many patients by performing anesthesia thousands of times without training or consent, on patients outside his scope of training and expertise, while stealing money from Medicaid and embezzling from his bosses,” the state said in a statement.

CNN in a report published Friday quoted Lookhart as saying “looking

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