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California Hospital Association

“Men’s and nations’ finest hour consist of those moments when extraordinary challenge is met by

“Men’s and nations’ finest hour consist of those moments when
extraordinary challenge is met by extraordinary response.” 
 Neal A. Maxwell

As the days and nights have blended together over the past couple
of weeks during the growing coronavirus threat, there’s one
thought that continues to rise in my mind.

It’s this: How fortunate; how very fortunate we are to have our
dedicated medical experts and health care workers during this
uncertain time.

We don’t yet know how far, how fast, and how hard coronavirus
will hit our nation or our state, but what we do know, right now,
is that there are professionals we can count on when our backs
are against the wall. And those people are working around the
clock to prepare for increased surge capacity. Many are taking
unprecedented measures to expand their ability to care for our
current and anticipated COVID-19 cases, not to mention other
urgent health care needs.

Patients — those who are sick or injured — are counting on
hospitals, physicians, nurses, and others to be there when they
need them most, because their backs are against the wall. And our
communities will need to count on their hospitals and these
professionals as well in the coming weeks and months.

We are at a moment when each of us, individually, will also be

For all of us, are we following the science and doing our duty on
social distancing and home isolation? For our political leaders,
are they taking the steps necessary to protect not only the
public, but also our vital health care workforce? For our
neighbors, are we checking in to see if now-homebound seniors
need groceries? Are we avoiding hoarding food and supplies so all
can get the things they need?

These days, information is flying at a breakneck pace; policies
are changing by the day; and events on the ground are shifting by
the hour.

Through all of this, the individual threads that make up
California’s health care tapestry are most assuredly standing
together, firm in their commitment to protect and care for every
person, in every way.

That’s why I’d like to pause for a moment to thank all the health
care professionals who are working together, non-stop, to ensure
they have Californians’  backs during this trying time. You
inspire us with your unwavering dedication to caring for patients
and communities under very challenging circumstances.

When we all stick together, collectively, we have the backs of
the millions of Californians who are counting on us – health care
leaders and care providers – every day. That’s why we do what we

To add one thought to Mr. Maxwell’s quote on extraordinary
challenge being met by extraordinary response: that response is
only possible when extraordinary people are doing it.

Thanks to all the women and men in health care for all the
extraordinary work you do to make sure someone has the back of
all Californians.

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