Day: November 6, 2020

What Can Be Done To Reduce Belly Fat?

“How can I lose fat in my belly?” There have been over two million searches on this topic on Google alone over the last few years. This is a hot subject that goes beyond trying to make the appearance better. A larger measurement of the waist can mean you have excess visceral fat. Such fats reside around internal organs such as the liver and pancreas, and are widely known as ‘belly fat.’

If you are overweight, there are many severe health issues associated with carrying more fat around your belly. These include bowel cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, insulin resistance, sleep apnoea, type 2 diabetes, heart, and circulatory problems.

How to Reduce Belly Fat

·        Burn More Calories

If your belly fat must reduce, you will need to burn more calories (energy) than you consume and eat the right kinds of food. Below are some ideas about what to eat … Read More