Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi leaves hospital after virus scare [Video]



1. Wide shot Silvio Berlusconi exits Pavilion D of San Raffaele Hospital accompanied by security men and Dr. Alberto Zangrillo, head of the Intensive Care Unit

2. SOUNDBITE 1 – Silvio Berlusconi, Former Italian premier (male, Italian, 26 sec): “It was a difficult test. I say this with emotion. Thank goodness and thanks to the professionalism of the doctors of San Raffaele Hospital, first of all Professor Alberto Zangrillo and his collaborators, I passed what I consider perhaps the most difficult ordeal of my life.”

3. Mid shot the end of the press conference Silvio Berlusconi puts his mask back on and greets the journalists

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Italy’s Berlusconi leaves hospital after virus scare


Milan, Sept 14, 2020 (AFP) – Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi left hospital Monday 11 days after being admitted with coronavirus, describing it as “perhaps the most

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Putin opponent Navalny posts photo from hospital, plans to return to Russia

By Alexander Marrow

Alexei Navalny et al. in a room: Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his family members pose for a picture at Charite hospital in Berlin

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his family members pose for a picture at Charite hospital in Berlin

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny shared a photograph from a Berlin hospital on Tuesday, sitting up in bed and surrounded by his family, and said he could now breathe independently after being poisoned in Siberia last month.

Alexei Navalny et al. standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera: FILE PHOTO: Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny takes part in a rally to mark the 5th anniversary of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov's murder and to protest against proposed amendments to the country's constitution, in Moscow

© Reuters/Shamil Zhumatov
FILE PHOTO: Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny takes part in a rally to mark the 5th anniversary of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov’s murder and to protest against proposed amendments to the country’s constitution, in Moscow

The photo – the strongest evidence yet of Navalny’s advancing recovery after emerging from a coma last week – was swiftly followed by confirmation from his press spokeswoman that he planned to return to Russia.

“Hi, this is Navalny. I miss you all,” he wrote in the caption

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Southside Hospital changes its name to South Shore University Hospital, opens parking garage

Northwell Health on Tuesday said it is renaming Southside Hospital in Bay Shore.

The new name, South Shore University Hospital, better reflects that the facility is a teaching hospital, said Northwell, which operates the hospital.

The new name will be pushed through an advertising and marketing campaign beginning in early 2021, said Barbara Osborn, a Northwell spokeswoman.

Signage will begin to change soon, she added.

Separately, the hospital on Tuesday opened its $56 million, five-story, 1,000-car employee garage, a large part of a major, multi-year expansion at the South Shore hospital.

Officials said the new parking garage was designed to ease congestion in the community and make all ground-level parking spaces available for patients and visitors to the hospital.

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Jacob Blake makes brief court appearance from hospital

Jacob Blake, the 29-year-old Black man who was shot seven times in the back by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer in late August, made a brief court appearance on Friday for charges that were filed in July. Blake, who remains in the hospital, pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal trespass, third-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct. 

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: jacob-blake.jpg

© CBS News

Jacob Blake makes court appearance from hospital bed for domestic violence charges



The charges stem from a May 3 incident in which he’s accused of breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his three children, and allegedly sexually assaulting her before stealing her truck and debit card, according to a criminal complaint. 


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In his first public appearance since the shooting, Blake appeared before the court in a shirt and tie from his hospital bed. He entered not guilty pleas

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Italy’s Berlusconi in hospital after contracting virus

Italy’s flamboyant former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was in hospital Friday after testing positive for the coronavirus, the latest high-profile figure to contract the disease.

The 83-year-old media tycoon is being treated for a lung infection at San Raffaele hospital in Milan where he was admitted on Thursday night, his personal physician said.

Berlusconi had tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week after returning from a holiday at his luxury villa on Sardinia’s jet-set Emerald Coast. 

His doctor Alberto Zangrillo said at a press conference on Friday that his condition was “encouraging” and that he was not intubated or on a ventilator.

The billionaire is “a patient at risk because of his age and previous illnesses,” the doctor said, adding that he should remain in hospital for “a few days”.

But he admitted: “Berlusconi’s mood is not the best,” saying that he had to insist that he be admitted to

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Italy’s Berlusconi taken to hospital after positive coronavirus test

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has been admitted to hospital in Milan for further checks after testing positive for the new coronavirus, his Forza Italia party said on Friday.

The party said his medical condition was not a cause for concern.

The 83-year-old-media tycoon had been in isolation in his house in the town of Arcore, north of Milan.

Forza Italia said he was now at the San Raffaele Hospital “as a precaution”.

Berlusconi had spoken via video link to a meeting of Forza Italia supporters on Thursday and said his fever had passed.

“I no longer have fever, nor pain, I want to reassure everyone that I am quite well,” he said.

Berlusconi decided to test for COVID-19 after having a holiday in Sardinia, his personal physician said.

The Mediterranean island suffered a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in August as tourists descended on its

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Jacob Blake appears via video from his hospital bed for first court appearance

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Jacob Blake had his first court date on Friday.

© Kenosha County Court/Youtube
Jacob Blake had his first court date on Friday.

Wearing a blue dress shirt and a yellow tie, Jacob Blake, paralyzed after being shot in the back by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer, made a first court appearance — and his first public appearance since being wounded — Friday from his hospital bed.

Blake is accused of one felony — third-degree sexual assault — and misdemeanor criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

He spoke briefly to the judge when asked if he understood the charges against him. When asked if he had any questions Blake responded, “At the moment, no, I don’t.”

His attorney, Patrick Cafferty, submitted not guilty pleas for all three charges.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by CNN, Blake unlawfully entered a home on May 3 and sexually assaulted a woman in her bedroom before leaving with her vehicle. The woman told

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Israeli hospital enlists recovered coronavirus patients as volunteers for COVID-19 ward

Hadassah University hospital in Jerusalem is running a pilot program in which recovered coronavirus patients volunteer to help those currently hospitalized with COVID-19, BBC reports.

The hospital’s 30 or so recovered volunteers — who have all been tested to confirm they have antibodies for the virus and wear full protective gear (since it’s still unclear how long immunity lasts) — aren’t performing any medical tasks. Rather, they’re there to lend an ear or sit and talk with patients who would otherwise be in isolation. Dr. Rely Alon, the director of nursing at Hadassah, told BBC that the volunteers are a “great help” for both patients and staff, even if their tasks sound simple.

That’s because, while first and foremost COVID-19 is a deadly disease that may have lasting, harmful affects on the human body, scientists are also concerned about the potential long-term mental health issues that could arise for hospitalized

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Blake says ‘hurts to breathe’ in video from hospital bed

Jacob Blake, the young black man shot in the back multiple times by a white police officer in Wisconsin, said “it hurts to breathe” and that he was in constant pain in a video message from his hospital bed.

Despite his injuries, which will likely leave him paralyzed from the waist down, Blake told his supporters “there’s a lot more life to live.”

“Your life, and not only just your life, your legs — something that you need to move around and forward in life — can be taken from you like this, man,” Blake said, snapping his fingers, in the video released Saturday by his lawyer Ben Crump.

Wearing a hospital gown, Blake said he had staples in his back and stomach.

“Twenty-four hours, every 24 hours it’s pain, it’s nothing but pain,” he said.

“It hurts to breathe, it hurts to sleep, it hurts to move from side-to-side,

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Jacob Blake makes court appearance from hospital bed

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Media captionJacob Blake makes court appearance from hospital bed

Jacob Blake, the black man whose shooting by police triggered protests, has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges filed prior to the incident.

Mr Blake, who is in hospital paralysed, is accused of criminal trespass, sexual assault and disorderly conduct based on statements by his former girlfriend.

The criminal complaint was filed in July, and is unrelated to the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on 23 August.

A trial over the complaint is set to begin later this year.

According to the criminal complaint, Mr Blake is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in May.

The woman told officers that Mr Blake, 29, took her car keys and a debit card before fleeing the scene.

According to Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office, these were the charges Mr Blake was wanted for at the time

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