Chipped Your Tooth? Visit the Emergency Dentist

Did you just chip your tooth while participating in an activity? You might have been playing a contact sport when you were accidentally hit in the mouth. If you chipped your tooth, you are likely experiencing some pain. You are probably dealing with some damage to your tooth, too. When something like this happens, you need the best emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace has to offer is crucial. You need to find out what the dentist can do for you to help save the tooth and eliminate the pain you are feeling.

Eliminating the Pain

The first thing you want to do is get help for the pain. When you chip a tooth, it can cause your gums to swell and lead to severe inflammation. The dentist will check out your tooth and gums before providing a solution that will help to get rid of the pain. The solution may include numbing the gums while working on the tooth and prescribing medication that you can take to eliminate the inflammation that often occurs. If you contact the dentist before coming into the office, the dentist may recommend saving the broken portion of your tooth. If you do not have that broken portion, you can still get help from the dentist.

Fixing the Broken Tooth

After getting rid of the pain, the next thing you are going to want the dentist to do is to fix that broken tooth of yours. In many instances, the dentist fills the area with resin that closely resembles the natural color of your teeth. The resin gets applied to the tooth, shaped, and then cured to keep it in place. No one would be able to tell that you chipped your tooth because the resin is a great replacement. If the chipped tooth is severely damaged, the resin may not be the most suitable option. Instead, the dentist may recommend getting a crown to cover the damaged tooth. if you are getting a crown, the dentist will customize it to fit in perfectly with all the other teeth you have based on their size, shape, and color.

If you chipped your tooth, you are likely experiencing a lot of pain and are also feeling frustrated about missing a piece of your tooth. See an emergency dentist and get the situation handled as quickly as possible. A dentist can relieve your pain and fix the tooth to make it look as good as it looked before you ended up with the damage to it.